Routine Medical Foot Care
by Nicolien Wilder, Certified Wound and Foot Care Nurse

As we get older, foot care can become more difficult to do ourselves. With the Senior population growing, it can be more difficult to find a podiatrist to help you with routine footcare.

I’m here to offer you a safe alternative for foot and nail care so that you can continue living your life more comfortably on your feet. As a visiting nurse, to the Charlottesville and Crozet area, I deliver routine medical foot care to senior centers, senior living facilities, community centers and I make home visits.

The benefits of good foot care:

  • Feel good about your feet again.
  • Feel good on your feet again.
  • Keep your feet feeling good: prevent discomfort, wounds, and falls.

Routine Foot Care

Routine Foot Care is the professional term for what I do. I use professional podiatry tools and follow the CDC guidelines for “high-level disinfection” and use FDA cleared solutions. A session takes about 45 minutes and I finish with a light foot massage. One could call it a “Medical Pedicure.”

On your first visit I start with an intake assessment of your general health, medications and, of course, your feet. You tell me about your concerns, and I’ll explain how I can help you.

  • Gently reduce thickened or misshaped nails with the use of specialized podiatry tools.
  • Reduce painful corns and calluses.
  • Prevent and care for ingrown toenails.
  • Offer comfort and wound prevention with issues arising from bunions, hammertoes, crowding, or overlapping toes.
  • Offer education on safe foot care for those with diabetes, poor circulation and/or swelling of your legs.
  • Offer assessment and education on proper footwear and size.
  • Offer referrals to other Health Professionals as needed.
  • Offer a moisturizing cream with a light foot massage.

If you want me to do you a fingernail trim and filing as well, please let me know when you make your appointment. This will add a small fee.

Please call for pricing (434-962-7870), or contact me here.

Ask about a GIFT CARD for a person you care about.

About Nicolien

I have been a nurse since 1986, mostly working in acute rehabilitation hospitals as a Certified Rehabilitation Nurse. During my last 13 years in this setting, I also managed a skin and wound care program as a Certified Wound Care Nurse. I saw many patients with falls, foot wounds and amputations, often related to neglected- or improper foot care. In 2014 I became a Certified Foot and Nail Care Nurse, so that I could help my patients with this much needed service. Often I was asked if I could help them after they went home. They could not find a podiatrist, were not comfortable with a beauty salon, and their family did not know what to do. In 2022 I made their wish a realization and launched Heart and Sole Foot Care LLC. I now make house calls and visit senior centers, assisted living and nursing homes.


I am diabetic. Can you do my foot and nail care?
I am a Registered Nurse and managed an inpatient wound care program for many years. I treated many diabetic wounds and did a lot of diabetic foot care education for patients, nurses, and doctors. I can help you with preventive diabetic foot care and keep you out of the doctor’s office.
Can you do my wound care?
I can give recommendations, but, as an independent nurse, I cannot prescribe wound care. I would have to refer you to a podiatrist or wound care center.
How do you sterilize your tools?
I follow "high-level disinfection" as defined by the CDC. I use FDA cleared solutions. Each patient gets a newly disinfected set of tools per treatment.
I have very thick and long toenails. How can you help me?
I have professional podiatry tools, including an AURORIA nail sander with a HEPPA filter to gently file your nails down and vacuum away the dust.
How are you different from a beauty salon?
Beauty salons have beauty professionals. I focus on your foot health and comfort, though I do pamper you with a light massage at the end of your session.
How are you different from a podiatrist?
Podiatrists are foot doctors that diagnose and prescribe medications and treatments. They also do routine foot care. As a nurse I do not diagnose or prescribe, but I do routine foot care as well. With the senior population growing, it can be hard to find a podiatrist to do your routine footcare. I am here to offer you a safe alternative.
Where do you go?
I mainly serve the Charlottesville and Crozet areas. I do go outside these areas but this will add a driving fee.
Do you apply nail polish?
If there is time left in your 45 min session, and if you bring your own nail polish, I’ll be glad to do this for you (though it might take away from your foot massage time). You may choose what you would like.
Do you remove nail polish?
Since it would take away time from my 45 minute treatment session for you, I might not be able to give you your foot massage in the end. You may choose what you would like.
Is routine foot care covered by my insurance?
You must have certain conditions to qualify for routine foot care. Check with your insurance to see if you qualify.
Do you take insurance for routine foot care?
I do not take insurance. Some podiatrists still do for routine foot care, while others don’t and require you to pay out of pocket as well.


full names available upon request

I have had the good fortune to have worked with Nicolien Wilder for many years in the hospital inpatient setting. Nicolien started our wound/skin care program and developed into a regional model for what wound, and skin care should be. She is one of the most knowledgeable and skillful people I have ever worked with. As part of that program, Nicolien developed expertise in foot/nail care in order to prevent foot and heel infections and skin breakdown. Under her leadership the entire program was very successful and was the first program of its kind in the region. If I, or any of my loved ones, ever need foot care, I will be seeking out Nicolien for her expert care and advice.

Dr. A

I worked with Nicolien for many years, and she consistently provided patient care at the highest levels of skill and professionalism. I have trusted her to manage the most difficult skin and nail issues and to appropriately involve other professionals when the situation requires different skill sets.

Dr. S

I am writing this letter of recommendation for Nicolien Wilder, whom I had the privilege of working with for several years as she functioned in the roles of Charge Nurse and Wound Care Coordinator at UVA Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital.

Nicolien is a stand-out clinician and delivers her care with a compassion and level of expertise that is rarely seen. She takes her time to get to know her patients, both from a medical and personal standpoint, in order to form a close therapeutic relationship and realistic plan of care. She takes into consideration individual circumstances and needs in order to tailor her services and does so with understanding, empathy and kindness. Nicolien is driven and has high standards of care, making the effort to always be current with her knowledge, competence and delivery of care.

These attributes, combined with her gentle and dedicated nature, have led to remarkable patient outcomes and high satisfaction that I have witnessed firsthand. Nicolien stands apart in this fast-paced and at times impersonable world of healthcare and I highly recommend her as a trusted care provider.

Nurse R.

Nicolien truly puts heart and soul into the care she gives her clients. Her clients not only benefit from her expertise in foot and nail care, but also from the genuine care and compassion she provides for the whole person. Nicolien goes the extra mile to ensure her clients’ needs are met and routinely follows up to ensure modification of plans can be made for changing needs. Nicolien provides client focused care and goes out of her way to incorporate client and family goals and expectations into any care plans. You and your loved ones or residents can trust Nicolien to work compassionately and diligently to provide excellent foot and nail care for comfort and health.

Nurse L.

AGING FEET: “What To Do” and “What Not To Do”

  • DO have your feet measured for correct length and width. Your feet change over time: they can become longer and more wide.
  • DO buy shoes later in the day, when your feet are more likely to be swollen.
  • DO go to the doctor if a small wound has not healed in two weeks.
  • DO buy shoes with a high enough toe box if you have crooked toes.
  • DO buy shoes that are comfortable RIGHT AWAY.
  • DO use a moisturizer for dry skin, but not in between your toes.
  • DO dry well in between your toes.
  • DO continue to stay active.
  • DO use a NON-MEDICATED corn pad to protect from a painful corn.
  • DO make sure your foot and nail care provider uses sterile tools.
  • DO NOT reach for your toolbox to get tools for thick nails.
  • DO NOT accept foot discomfort, as this can lead to a fall or to the beginning of a wound you don’t recognize or can’t see.
  • DO NOT use medicated corn pads, since these can take away a corn, but will also take away skin and cause a wound.
  • DO NOT frequently use soap. It reduces the skin’s defense for rashes and wounds. It also dries out your skin even more.
  • DO NOT go barefoot in communal bath places.

DIABETIC NEUROPATHY: “What To Do” and “What Not To Do”

  • DO have your feet checked at every doctor’s visit
  • DO check your feet every day for red spots, blisters and small wounds.
  • DO take care of a small wound right away. Go to your doctor if it’s not healed in 2 weeks.
  • DO check the inside of your shoes for small objects before putting them on.
  • DO wear light colored socks, so that you can see a spot of blood due to trauma you did not feel.
  • DO use a moisturizing cream, but not in between your toes.
  • DO control your blood sugar.
  • DO NOT soak your feet, you could burn your feet and not feel it.
  • DO NOT heat your feet in front of a heater, wood stove or fire. You could burn your feet and not feel it.
  • DO NOT walk barefoot over beach sand or pavement for the same reason: you could burn your feet and not feel it.


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